Typeface Specifications Checklist

Legal & Finance

What is the licence agreement for use across desktop, web, native apps? Will web-font costs be recurring, views or buyout?

What is the end-user licence from the foundry?

Can the typeface be modified if required?

Can additional glyphs be added?

Can glyphs be modified if required?

Are competitors or near neighbours using this specific typeface?

Can we commission the designer/foundry to create any further glyphs or scripts for regions we launch in?

Do we have the right to reissue the font during any document or software that generates type (e.g. creating a customer a ticket)?

What are the foundries end licence agreement based upon a buyout?

Technical & Specification

Which writing systems are supported?

Full Latin? Greek? Cyrillic?

Which glyphs are included?

Do we require specific glyphs for regional support What is the file size of the typeface for web?

How does this change based on writing system?

Which weights/styles do we want to buy?

Which ones will be used by our teams across functions of the business?

What is the families clarity at scale on device?

Which weights and styles should we buy to support devices?

How is the typeface hinted?

Has it been run by script or by type designer?

Which file formats and finishing of clarity are available at webfont export?

Are they using auto hinting?

How are TrueType OpenType parameters for kerning partners set out?

Are they clear? Can we see considered partners working together or are there characters clashing or causing illegibility?