The Manual

This manual is not definitive.

The intention of the manual is to get it written down.

Anyone can contribute by commenting.

The information here is a starting point.

Think of it like a recipe book.



Org Design, Recruitment, Onboarding, Skills Map & Career Progression, Goals, Learning, Culture, Events, Health Check, Meetings & Rituals, Leavers


Budgets, Contractors, Equipment, Team Events, Education


Software, Hardware, Infrastructure


Org & Business Structure, Leadership, Goals & Plans, Design System, Case Studies, External Team Webpages, Learning Programme, Video Explainers


Ways of Working, Business Casing & Proposals, Team Cadence, Team Project Updates, Activities, Deliverables


Business Plan, Roadmap, Projects & Goals, Cadence, Assignments / Resourcing


Views, Projects, Reports, People


Research, Content Design, Brand, Service Design, Product Design, Motion Design, Prototyping

The structure of this manual is not definitive. Naming things is inherently hard and nuanced. You might want to organise stuff differently from what is set out here. Make it work for you and the people you work with. It can often be simpler to stick to the terms already in use.

The intention of the manual is to get it written down. I’ve spent years chasing documents, notes, templates, spreadsheet formula from place to drive to device. This manual is my commonplace book for Design Operations. The goal is to build a library, there will always be space for more stuff. There will often be different methods of getting a result.

Anyone can contribute by commenting. Every page and post has comments enabled, allowing readers to add further information, discuss and give feedback. As the manual grows it could be that the software is adapted to allow wiki edits.