Ways of Working

  • How do you want the team to work
  • When will they meet, review, present, hand over
  • How will they capture design requirements

Business Casing & Proposals

Context, approach, plan


  • Proposal for new business
  • Business case for in-house

Team Cadence

Note: not sure if this should be incorporated into Ways of Working.

Team Project Updates

How will the business hear about the work, progression, changes and give feedback when needed?


  • Verb driven, duration, people involved
  • Documented examples so we know when to expect
  • Grouped together to form a deliverable – think of ingredients that make combine to make a meal


  • Table of activities by practice
  • Calculator Google sheet to sum time, people, rates – connected to deliverables
  • Scope of work template


  • Quantity driven
  • Linked back to activities – what happens to make a deliverable
  • Documented examples so we know when to expect