Activities & Deliverables

Product Design, MotionPrototype
Service Journey Maps
Video Walk-through
Video Explainer
Video Product Overview
Video Stealomatic
Trend Reports
User Testing
User Interviews
Competitor Analysis
Visual crits
Visual routes
Design assets
Brief Writing
Information ArchitectureSchematic diagram documenting navigation and functions (PDF)Organising, structuring and labelling content, controls, actions and flows across the product to inform the UI and interaction design. Creating an iA allows us to design for use cases and journeys holistically.
Desk Research
Service Blueprint
User PersonasGoogle Sheet dataObjective driven characters that represent a range of users, their goals and motivations when using a service. Creating functional personas that address the key features, viewing experience and technology will allow us to gauge design decisions.

Uses Case LibraryGoogle Sheet dataEasy to read sentences that describe a users needs and motives when using a service. Multiple use cases are generated by in this process. Prioritising these established the focus of the feature design and prototyping.
Technical RequirementsGoogle Sheet dataDetailed aspects of software, hardware and performance that will effect user experience and build.
WireframesPDFDetailed plan drawings void of brand, colour and style that communicate functionality and structure. Creating an initial schematic of the product allows us to assess content, controls and business rules in our design process. These will be updated through the project.
Project PlanGantt chart. Deadline, meetings and review dates set in calendars.Detailed timeline plan organised by activity, deliverable, phase and responsibility. Reviewing and refining the plan during the project ensures stakeholders can feedback to key details, process and highlighted risks.
Project GovernanceGoogle Sheet dataEnsuring the project processes and responsibilities are clearly communicated and assigned an owner. Feedback will be captured by our team. Leads are responsible for the product and capture all feedback and design direction.
Kick-offConducting a meeting with the stakeholders and our project team. Identifying roles, responsibilities, product requirements and technical constraints will allow us to confirm the next steps of the brief.
Style BoardsPDFCritical analysis of a range of graphic design styles used in digital products. Created to inform the creative direction for the proejct based on the user demographic, competitors and product use cases.
Design & Interaction PrinciplesPDFA set of best practice ideas that guide decisions and behaviours. These principles help anyone gauge and measure decisions against the business goals, product objectives and user needs.
One SheetPDFA single document that summarises essential and functional design components used across the product. Built upon during the design process, our team will add and iterate to this working document until phase completion.
Key Screen DesignsSketchEditable design files for the product views, controls and experience.
Experience Audit
Native Prototyping