Project Update

Hello, (Design) World!

The goal of this website is to create an operations manual for design. People who work in design have to juggle a lot of topics, Inventory Design will collect them into one easy to reference place.

Today is the start of this journey, right now the plan is to follow three steps to achieve the goal of making a useful reference manual.

  1. Capture and consolidate design information
  2. Create reusable guides, templates and instructions
  3. Design the user experience for the operations manual

It is tempting to start designing the appearance of Inventory Design today, however, content must come first. The site is running WordPress with a default theme and will continue to do so while step one — capture and consolidate — is in progress long enough to start an informed design process.

A blog and page format will become unwieldy over time and the number of pages created will require a content audit, taxonomy refresh and user testing. This is okay. The first step is to start capturing using a frictionless and open format.